He’s a Dragon

“Simon is one of the most talented young composers I know. He feels every scene and really understands the intentions and the vision of the director. He can work with different genres and themes and effortlessly switches between them when the film needs it. His music for our movie was great! And by the way… This guy is incredibly fast. We were very fortunate to work with Simon, and I will do my best to work with him again”

Indar Dzhendubaev – Director


“Simon is a gifted composer with an incredible ability to capture emotion in his scores. It was transformative watching his music bring the film OSIRIS to life. A pleasure to work with, Simon was constantly in conversation with me–him in the UK, me in the US. He is absolutely the composer I will work with in the future”

Kathryn Ferentchak – Director

He’s a Dragon

“For me Simon is a very balanced person, because he is talanted and hardworking at the same time. HE’S A DRAGON wasn’t one of the easiest projects, because we had editorial updates till the very last day, and Simon responded very fast and with great respect for our new decisions by constantly adapting the score until we got perfect results”

Igor Tsay – Creative Producer

Cypress Bayou

“We’ve been blessed to work with some amazing folks. Especially Simon Finley on our first 3 songs in our Cypress Bayou TV Series. He set the bar for Amazing!!!”

Angel Cozart Webb & Mysti Cozart – Creators

Bafta & Wonderland Magazine

“Working with Simon was an absolute pleasure. His understanding of the creative direction for the projects we collaborated on was instantaneous and insightful, and the music he delivered was always beyond expectation. The video for BAFTA in particular demonstrated an acute awareness of the mood of the piece, balanced with the pace required in order to feature multiple talents in a short form video. I look forward to working with Simon again”

Kiel DeValera – Director

Paradise or Something

“Just got the mastered mix down of the Paradise or Something score. Sounding great!”

Silent Shout Studios – Producers

Christmas Slay

“I must have seen all the Slay footage a million times, but seeing a few of the scenes with its score made the hairs on my neck stand on end”

Steve Davis – Director & Creator

30 Days

“I have just received the score for the 30 Days teaser trailer. Simply outstanding”

Alessandro De Marco – Creator